Reference Documents

'Reference documents' is the terminology adopted by ECIBC to indicate documents describing in detail how a certain recommendation and/or requirement should be implemented.

They may include e.g. best practices, lists of indicators, standard operating procedures, methods for testing activities, testing protocols, templates for invitations and satisfaction questionnaires, training standard curricula, competence requirements, legal frameworks, etc.

To avoid duplication with entities already developing reference documents, ECIBC in principle will not develop new ones but rather search for existing ones along two main criteria:

1. TOPIC: given that ECIBC resources are not unlimited, a prioritisation exercise among all the possible topics needing reference documents according to GDG and QASDG opinion, is necessary. Topics not included in positive recommendations and/or requirements will not be included.

2. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: requirements to be applied for selecting all types of reference documents are set and published. In addition, for each typology of reference document, ECIBC will agree and make publicly available relevant additional specific criteria.

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List of reference documents (as they become available)