Contractors: IQ healthcare

The Scientific Center for Quality of Healthcare (IQ healthcare) is a scientific department focusing on quality improvement in healthcare, embedded in Radboud university medical center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Our mission is to improve quality and value of healthcare for patients through research, education and policy support. The department of IQ healthcare believes that quality and safety in healthcare can be improved by better revealing the value of healthcare for all those concerned, by leaving out care without benefit (de-implementation) and by professional implementation and evaluation of care innovations and evidence-based interventions. IQ healthcare's scientific approach is fundamentally focused on value-driven healthcare for patients, care professionals, insurers and government, leading to a reduction in unnecessary costs and an improvement of the tenability of healthcare at health system level. For ECIBC, IQ healthcare provides support for to the JRC and to the QASDG to develop a common set of evidence-based quality and safety requirements and indicators for breast cancer services in Europe.