How we work


The European Commission is developing ECIBC: a person-centred initiative aiming to improve and harmonise breast cancer care in Europe. ECIBC develops a European quality assurance scheme for breast cancer services referring to high-quality, evidence-based guidelines.

The EU does not define health policies, nor the organisation and provision of health services and medical care. Instead, its action serves to complement national policies and to support cooperation between member states in the field of public health. The EU works for better health protection through its policies and activities within the remit of Article 168 of the Consolidated Treaty of the EU. It is within this spirit that the Council of the EU has invited the Commission to initiate this ground-breaking initiative to develop a European quality assurance scheme for breast cancer services supported by evidence-based guidelines.

ECIBC is a strongly inclusive initiative aimed to bottom-up approach. The working groups’ members discuss and draft the European Breast Guidelines and the European QA scheme either from “remote”- within virtual working environments - either face to face in meetings organised, generally, every three months.

The documents drafted by the Working Groups are then subject of open Calls for Feedback launched online. The Calls remain open for at least three weeks. The feedback collected is then again object of internal groups’ discussions until consensus is reached and the draft finalised.