EU Commission - DG SANTE

The European Commission Directorate-General Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) has the policy leadership on the EU health related policies aiming to protect and improve public health.

DG SANTE takes forward several initiatives on cancer, among those, ECIBC. 

ECIBC is carried on with a focus on scientific evidence and long term sustainability, building upon a platform bringing together a wide range of actors at EU level in a transparent way.

JRC - Healthcare Quality Team

JRC coordinates the technical and scientific aspects of the work ensuring synchronisation of all the initiative’s objectives. JRC also provides the outsourced supports, the collaborating tools and logistics for the ECIBC working groups and other involved stakeholders. JRC also ensures appropriate communication with other EC services or working/expert groups in areas relevant for the project.

The Team is composed by staff with significant expertise in different related fields, such as public health, epidemiology, guidelines development, oncology, radiology, quality management, clinical databases, network and knowledge management.

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ECIBC Working groups

There two working groups active on ECIBC, the Guidelines Development Group (GDG) and the Quality Assurance scheme Development group (QASDG). They are composed by experts selected through public open calls. They represent a very wide range of expertise with the aim to be as inclusive as possible.

The working groups’ members discuss and draft documents either from “remote”- within virtual working environments - either face to face in meetings organised, generally, every three months.

The documents drafted by the working groups are then subject of open Calls for Feedback launched online.

ECIBC National Contacts

ECIBC is taken forward in close coordination with experts from 35 European countries.

These countries nominated a national contact as a focal point to provide feedback and advice based on their expertise on their national context.