Guidelines Development Group

The objective of the Guidelines Development Group (GDG) is to develop evidence-based European Guidelines for breast cancer screening and diagnosis for screening and diagnosis.

The GDG will follow the GRADE approach in defining the healthcare question of interest (population of interest, interventions to be compared and patient-relevant outcomes- PICO), synthesizing the evidence and developing the recommendations for the Guidelines. This will be carried out within virtual working environments and in meetings organised every three months.

An external contractor, CCIb –Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre, supports the GDG for their tasks from literature review to drafting of recommendations.

Members and external experts

Kenneth Young

Kenneth Young

Professor Ken Young has led the National Coordinating Centre for the Physics of Mammography (NCCPM) in Guildford, UK since 1990, and is a Visiting Professor of Medical Physics at the University of Surrey.

NCCPM has a broad remit to provide scientific and technical advice to the NHS Breast Screening Programme and has a key role in ensuring technical quality and radiation safety.

He has played a leading part in developing technical standards and quality assurance guidelines for mammography in the UK and Europe.

He leads the OPTIMAM research project funded by Cancer Research UK which is studying the potential impact of introducing digital breast tomosynthesis into breast screening and recently co-authored the EUREF Protocol for the Quality Control of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Systems.

He has published widely on the physics of breast cancer imaging with X-rays covering such topics as radiation dose and risk, standards of performance for digital mammography systems and the optimisation of mammography use in screening.

He was a member of the groups preparing EU Guidelines on Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis. His involvement was in the preparation of the chapters on technical QC guidelines in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Editions and supplements on digital mammography.

He has also been a partner in a number of EU funded projects including: ECCG: European Cooperation on Development and Implementation of Cancer Screening and Prevention Guidelines: and HIGHREX: High Resolution X-ray Imaging For Improved Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

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