Quality Assurance Scheme Development Group

The Quality Assurance Scheme Development Group (QASDG) will develop the European Quality Assurance Scheme for Breast Cancer Services (the European QA scheme) to set common quality and safety requirements for person-centred breast cancer services in Europe. The scheme will cover all the processes of breast cancer care (screening, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation & supportive care, follow-up & survivorship care and palliative care) and will be underpinned by the accreditation legal framework and evidence from guidelines.

The QASDG discusses and selects the requirements within virtual working environments and in meetings organised every three months.

The members are also invited to contribute to the other ECIBC objectives, the Digital Mammography Training Template and the European Guidelines Platform covering all processes of care (from screening to end-of-life care).  

The QASDG is supported by the external contractors EA- European Co-operation for Accreditation for the accreditation legal framework and for the coordination of national accreditation bodies, by CCIb –Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre for literature review and by IQ healthcare to develop indicators.

Members and external experts

Vanessa Kääb-Sanyal

Vanessa Kääb-Sanyal

(Former) QASDG Associate Member

Dr. rer. nat. Vanessa Kääb-Sanyal, Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Kääb-Sanyal, is managing director of the mammography cooperative, the Kooperationsgemeinschaft Mammographie (KoopG) in Berlin, Germany. The KoopG is responsible for the coordination, evaluation and quality assurance of the German population based breast cancer screening program. The main duties are the regular certifications of the screening units, the yearly evaluation and reporting of performance and surrogate indicators, information of the public as well as further development of the program. The KoopG is supported by five independent reference centers lead by medical experts.

Kääb-Sanyal studied mathematics with business studies and computer science at the University of Constance. She received her PhD in mathematics at the Technical University of Berlin. Her professional career started in the Association of SHI Physicians of Bavaria in Munich where she was quickly promoted head of quality assurance of mammography.

In 2005 she switched to the newly established mammography cooperative. Within the mammography cooperative she was responsible for evaluation, documentation and quality management. She supported the implementation of the German breast cancer screening program, she established the certification process and department. She developed the basic specifications for the standard und uniform documentation and evaluation and implemented the regular reporting on the program. 2015 she was assigned the position as Director and chief executive of the mammography cooperative.

She has been invited for advice by the Austrian and Swiss breast cancer screening programs and is now member of the evaluation board for the Austrian program.

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