Tomosynthesis in organised screening?


After the first four recommendations on age range for screening, ECIBC publishes two new recommendations on the use of tomosynthesis instead of mammography and in combination with it.  The GDG assessed the evidence and balanced benefits and harms of all the hypothesis of usage of these two type of tests in organised screening of asymptomatic women with average risk.

Each recommendation is specifically tailored to the needs of citizens and patients, health professionals, and policy makers.

The two new recommendations enrich the growing list of recommendations on screening published. The GDG is currently developing to release more recommendations also on diagnosis.

Already in November 2016, ECIBC released recommendations which finally gave clear directions (advice) to both women and professionals on the appropriate age ranges (between 40 and 74) for breast cancer screening, changing a situation that has remained static for the last 10 years. All recommendations will be updated in real-time (as evidence becomes available).

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