The ECIBC Guidelines Platform for all breast care processes

The ECIBC Guidelines Platform for all breast care processes
With specific reference on sustainability and stakeholder involvement

Technical report: The Platform aims to provide guidance for all processes of breast cancer care pathway and to promote the timely and effective dissemination and implementation of evidence-based guidelines for breast cancer.

At present, many breast cancer guidelines are published by different institutions and organisations. As a consequence, it is getting more and more difficult for healthcare professionals to know, select and implement guidelines for different breast cancer care processes. Further, not all the guidelines published fulfil the minimum criteria to be considered as evidence-based and some of them are poorly formulated. Moreover,
many of them require updating. For being considered of high quality and sustainable, guidelines should be produced within a structured and coordinated programme. Therefore, collection of high-quality evidence-based breast cancer guidelines in a single Platform is urgently needed.


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