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Stefano Rapi

Stefano Rapi

He holds a degree in Chemistry and has a specialisation in Biochemical Chemistry and an advanced course in ‘formulation and use of radiopharmaceuticals’.

From 1986 to 1987 he worked at the University of Parma, ItalY, on the synthesis of conducting polymers.

From 1988 to 1991 at the University of Florence, Italy, on the clinical use of DNA-Index and S-Phase fractions measured by flow cytometry  in solid tumors. Not radio-isotopic hormones assay in FIVET programmes monitoring.

Since 1992 he works with the Central Laboratory:  AOU-Careggi , Florence, Italy.  Activity at the Central Laboratory: urgency, flow cytometry, hematology, clinical chemistry, urinalysis,  immunometric measurements of hormones and cardiac and tumor markers.  Since 2011 have the charge of ‘POCT manager’.

In 2006 he started to cooperate with the Institute for Cancer Study and Prevention of Florence (ISPO) in the study on quantitative FIT-Hb in screening programmes investigating technical characteristics and clinical performances of methods.  In 2014 he presented an opinion letter on IJBM regarding the need of harmonisation of pre analytical of faecal methods and received a sponsorship from the Italian Society of Biochemical Chemistry  and the Italian Group for Colorectal screening  for a project on this topic.

Member of the WG of Tuscany Region for drafting the "GUIDELINES TO CANCER PREVENTION".

Member of the WG on ‘cardiovascular risk in low resource setting’  of the European Society of Hypertension he  participates in the HyDY (hypertension and diabetes in Yemen) and CHIP (Chinese in Prato) studies, to investigate the prevalence of non-communicable diseases  and cardiovascular risk factors.

He participated at scientific expeditions on Monte Rosa and Everest Base Camp on behalf of HiGHCARE study on physiology at altitude.