Guidelines Development Group

The objective of the Guidelines Development Group (GDG) is to develop evidence-based European Guidelines for breast cancer screening and diagnosis for screening and diagnosis.

The GDG will follow the GRADE approach in defining the healthcare question of interest (population of interest, interventions to be compared and patient-relevant outcomes- PICO), synthesizing the evidence and developing the recommendations for the Guidelines. This will be carried out within virtual working environments and in meetings organised every three months.

An external contractor, CCIb –Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre, supports the GDG for their tasks from literature review to drafting of recommendations.

Members and external experts

Lennarth Nyström

Lennarth Nyström

Bachelor of Art in statistics, mathematics, computer science and accounting in 1971. PhD in epidemiology on a thesis “Assessment of population screening” in 2000. Associate professor in epidemiology 2003.
Employed at Umeå University: lecturer Applied Statistics, 1968-77, research associate Preventive and Social Medicine 1978-82, research administrator Medical Informatics 1982-85, Research associate Epidemiology and Public Health 1986-1999, senior lecturer Public Health and Clinical Medicine 2000-11, senior consultant Public Health and Clinical Medicine, 2011-16.
Main supervisor to three doctoral students and co-supervisor to 15 students and three of them defended their thesis within the field of mammography screening. Currently co-supervising one doctoral student and one postdoc student on mammography screening.
Membership of priority committees: Swedish Cancer Society 2009-15.
Main research areas: Epidemiology of celiac diseases, diabetes, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis in Sweden and reproductive health in Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Currently involved in the evaluation of the Swedish service-screening program with mammography focussing on the 40-49 and 70-74 year age group, health interventions in adults and elderly in Sweden, clinical audits at the maternity clinic in Dar es Salaam and prevalence and incidence of hip fractures and hip prosthesis in Umeå municipality.
Publications: In total 247 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, 17 articles in Swedish journals, 11 letters and involved in writing 11 books (among them “European guidelines, chapter 2, 3rd Ed 2001. The European Breast Screening Network. Implementation and Progress 1989-2000. European Commission, 2002; Breast cancer screening. IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention, IARC Press, 2002; European guidelines, chapter 1, 4th Ed, 2006.

Declaration of interests