Guidelines Development Group

The objective of the Guidelines Development Group (GDG) is to develop evidence-based European Guidelines for breast cancer screening and diagnosis for screening and diagnosis.

The GDG will follow the GRADE approach in defining the healthcare question of interest (population of interest, interventions to be compared and patient-relevant outcomes- PICO), synthesizing the evidence and developing the recommendations for the Guidelines. This will be carried out within virtual working environments and in meetings organised every three months.

An external contractor, CCIb –Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre, supports the GDG for their tasks from literature review to drafting of recommendations.

Members and external experts

Susan Knox

Susan Knox

Susan Knox is a two time breast cancer survivor and has been Executive Director of Europa Donna  since 1999.  She is responsible  for all on-going European advocacy initiatives in the areas of information, education and lobbying including  Pan European advocacy conferences, meetings and information sessions at the European Parliament and European Commission, European Breast Cancer Advocacy Training Courses, publications and websites. In 2008 she launched ED’s first prevention  initiative- BREAST HEALTH DAY,  which takes place annually on 15 October.

In addition, Susan represents ED on numerous other projects: BIG Scientific Committee, MINDACT and AURORA Committees, European Commission Expert Group on Cancer Control, the ECIBC project, and European Breast Cancer Conferences (EBCC). She is a  speaker on patient advocacy at various international conferences and courses and has written widely on the subject. In 2009 she was also named advocacy editor of the scientific journal "The Breast".

Prior to joining Europa Donna, Susan held various managerial positions in both the corporate and non profit sectors working for Citibank and a non-profit long-term care facility for the aged.

Susan holds a B.A. degree from Smith College and  an M.A. degree from  Columbia University.

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