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Kitti Horváth

Kitti Horváth

Kitti Horváth, MD. I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1986.

I firstly graduated from high school in the United States of America (2004) and then in Hungary (2006).

I started my higher education in 2006 at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged, where I had the chance to organize almost all my internships abroad experiencing the flow of different health care systems. On the field of research I worked at the Institute of Surgical Research of the university (new possibilities in sepsis treatment) and also at the centre of Siemens Healthcare in Germany (radiological innovations in minimal invasive surgical interventions). My interest towards health promotion began directly in the first year of university, so I joined the Hungarian Medical Students' International Relations Committee (HuMSIRC) to participate in their prevention activities. Following my accession I soon became the national public health officer of the committee and after a couple years of national and international experience I was elected to be the Director of the Standing Committee on Public Health of the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) in 2012. This position allowed me to work worldwide with medical students as well as with different non-governmental organizations for a better future concerning health promotion and care.

After graduating from medical university I became a resident doctor at the Internal Medicine Department of the Hungarian Defence Forces' Medical Centre.

Beyond my clinical work I joined the Chief Medical Officers' Office of Hungary in 2015 and started specialising mainly on breast cancer and breast screening.