Invitation to express preliminary interest in a future European Breast QA scheme Piloting for Breast Cancer Services and stakeholders


Thanks to all who have contributed to this call. The results are being considered for the further development of the project.


Looking towards the Piloting of the European Breast QA scheme:
Invitation to express interest for Breast Cancer Services and stakeholders


The European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer (ECIBC) will have a profound impact on the lives of millions of women and patients. Its results (the European Breast QA scheme; up-to-date, evidence-based recommendations on breast cancer, covering everything from screening to end-of-life care; and a training tool for screening professionals), will greatly improve the quality and equality of healthcare, increasing economic and organisational efficiency at local and national levels.

Late 2018 or early 2019, the Commission will publish the official Call for expression of interest for the piloting of the European Breast QA scheme. The Call targets all 35 ECIBC participating countries with their breast cancer services (BCSs) on the one hand, and the conformity assessment and accreditation bodies, which will audit the participating BCSs, on the other. A transparent selection process will be applied to shortlist approximately 15 BCSs to pilot the scheme while ensuring that all the critical factors are covered (e.g. care process, volume of service users, healthcare expenditure ratio over the gross domestic product (GDP), relevant healthcare organisational settings, etc.). In this way, the piloting will serve as a stress test in different contexts, allowing us to evaluate if adjustments to the scheme would be necessary before its release within the accreditation legal framework.

This invitation is addressed to national stakeholders wishing to be informed and included in this important pre-piloting phase. These stakeholders include: breast cancer services (screening programmes, hospitals, hospices and other services, such as diagnostic-imaging services), health institutes, professional bodies, academia, associations of service providers, health ministries, health authorities, national accreditation bodies, conformity assessment bodies, existing licensing authorities/bodies, cancer societies, patients advocacies, charities, service users organisations and insurance schemes.

ECIBC coordination team is willing to meet, upon invitation and possibly under the coordination of the respective ECIBC National Contact, all the stakeholders wishing to join, facilitate, and disseminate the future official Call for expression of interest in participating in the Piloting.

ECIBC is being developed with a transparent, bottom-up, inclusive approach: the constant feedback and engagement from countries, the public, and professionals enriches its agenda and will ensure full feasibility and implementability of the future European Breast QA scheme.

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