Guidelines Development Group

The objective of the Guidelines Development Group (GDG) is to develop evidence-based European Guidelines for breast cancer screening and diagnosis for screening and diagnosis.

The GDG will follow the GRADE approach in defining the healthcare question of interest (population of interest, interventions to be compared and patient-relevant outcomes- PICO), synthesizing the evidence and developing the recommendations for the Guidelines. This will be carried out within virtual working environments and in meetings organised every three months.

An external contractor, CCIb –Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre, supports the GDG for their tasks from literature review to drafting of recommendations.

Members and external experts

Edoardo Colzani

Edoardo Colzani

Edoardo Colzani earned his Medical Degree in 2002 from the University of Parma where he specialized in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine in 2006. He obtained his Master of Public Health in quantitative methods from the Harvard School of Public Health in 2006 after being awarded a Fulbright Grant. He also holds a Ph.D. in cancer epidemiology, with a thesis on health outcomes of women with breast cancer (defended on 15 January 2015), at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB) of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm (Sweden).

Edoardo Colzani currently works as “Expert of guidance and prevention of infectious diseases” at the Office of the Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Control and prevention (ECDC) in Stockholm, where he has been working on the Burden of Communicable Diseases in Europe (BCoDE) project, the Assessment of Non-EU Countries’ Capacity (ANECC) and the Accelerated development of vaccine benefit-risk collaboration in Europe (ADVANCE) project.

He is also Assistant Professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy) where he has been teaching public health and epidemiology and where he has been performing epidemiological research in particular on cancer prevention, screening and healthy lifestyles.

Edoardo Colzani has published papers on peer-reviewed international journals in particular on breast cancer clinical epidemiology, but also on surveys on health risk behaviours and European burden of disease studies.

Declaration of interests