Call for expression of interest for external expert in healthcare accreditation (quality & safety)

ECIBC is looking for an external expert to support the work of the Quality Assurance Scheme Developing Group (QASDG) with experience in healthcare accreditation (quality & safety in healthcare).

Interested individuals who satisfy the eligibility criteria and who possess the relevant competences are invited to apply.

Applicants should note that the work of the QASDG is scheduled to last for 30 months since nomination (July 2015) with a possible renewal for another 30 months.

The external experts will contribute to the QASDG's work temporarily, based on request. They will have to attend QASDG meetings and participate to remote activities for their specific competence. They ARE NOT chosen from the QASDG reserve list. They do not have voting rights and/ or they do not formulate recommendations.

All candidates will apply, and act if nominated, in their individual capacity – i.e. not representing any organisation or affiliation.

This call for expressions of interest is open to citizens from Europe and elsewhere.

For eligibility and selection criteria please consult: Informal call for expression of interest external expert to the QASDG of the ECIBC. Please note that  no nationality restrictions are applied.

Please note that the working groups meet around 4 times/year in the Lake Maggiore District (Italy).The dates for upcoming meetings are already approved and published here.

Additional information and documents to be filled in:

- Quick guide at rules: experts' reimbursement

- Guidance to declaration of interests

- Declaration of interest form


ECIBC received 6 applications and all of them were valid and complete. Finally, 5 candidates fulfilled the eligibility criteria and have been included in the reserve list. Thanks to all who have applied to this call. All the applicants received feedback.