The working groups

ECIBC is supported by two working groups composed by medical doctors, researchers, and patients  who joined the project on a voluntary basis upon public calls for expression of interest launched by DG SANTE in 2014.

The calls, open from 27/10/2014 until 11/12/2014, provided the context for the mandate of both groups, described the profiles needed (professionals, methodologists and individuals such as laypeople, patients) for the GDG and for the QASDG (professionals and individuals), and required applicants to provide a short CV, declaration of Interest and application form. The overall selection rules were as well made publicly available.

An EC Secretariat and a Selection Panel of six members composed by DG SANTE, DG GROW, DG RTD and JRC, were established. The Secretariat first evaluated the validity (completeness and timeliness of the application) and the eligibility (fulfilment of the minimum requirements reported in the application form). Uncertain cases were reviewed by the Panel. For candidates fulfilling the validity and eligibility requirements, the Panel assessed competence (as described in the application form and in the CV) and independence (as from the Declarations of Interest). The competence level and independence were independently evaluated by three members of the Panel and the agreed rating defined the subset of desirable candidates. With no prejudice to the competence, whenever possible a gender and nationality balance was sought.

Nominations were issued by DG SANTE in July 2015. All nominees having accepted to be members of the GDG and QASDG, were informed that the two working groups would be fully managed, in their operational role, by the JRC, including the establishment of the working plan, rules of procedure, organisation of meetings, management of personal data and of interests, withdrawals from the group, recruitment of newly needed and/or uncovered expertise, etc.

The two working groups were given a 30 months mandate, with the possibility of one more renewal for an additional 30 months depending on the need to complete tasks foreseen in the mandate.

Prior to attending the first meeting of the GDG  and QASDG  in Ispra in September 2015, members were asked to sign mandate, confidentiality and commitment declarations.

Call for expression of interest - membership GDG

Call for expression of interest - membership QASDG