EU Commission - DG SANTE

The European Commission Directorate-General Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) has the policy leadership on the EU health related policies aiming to protect and improve public health. 

DG SANTE takes forward several initiatives on cancer, among those, ECIBC. 

ECIBC is carried on with a focus on scientific evidence and long term sustainability, building upon a platform bringing together a wide range of actors at EU level in a transparent way.

The Commission expert group on Cancer Control is a forum for Member States and stakeholders to provide input into cancer policy development at EU level. The Group regularly reviews the development of ECBIC in order to guarantee the full compatibility and coordination of the Initiative with the overall EU policy on cancer.

JRC Healthcare Quality Team

JRC coordinates the technical and scientific aspects of the work ensuring synchronisation of all the initiative’s objectives. JRC also provides the outsourced supports, the collaborating tools and logistics for the ECIBC working groups and other involved stakeholders. JRC also ensures appropriate communication with other EC services or working/expert groups in areas relevant for the project.

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Liisa Pylkkanen

Liisa Pylkkanen

Born in 1960, graduated in Medicine in 1986 and obtained her PhD in1992.

She is a Specialist in Clinical Oncology (1995), Health Administration (2001) and Palliative Medicine (2010) and holds Adjunct Professor position since 2001. She has worked for more than 25 years in clinical oncology and in different management positions both in academia and pharmaceutical industry. Since 2012 she has worked as Chief Medical Officer at the Cancer Society of Finland. Her scientific interest has focused on breast cancer (including screening), prostate cancer, bone active compounds and patient support.

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